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Marriage certificate

German: Eheurkunde
Also: Heiratsurkunde

A marriage certificate is an official document which certifies a marriage.
A marriage certificate is issued by the relevant registry office. A divorce is also entered in the marriage certificate.

Master craftsperson

German: Meisterin oder Meister
Also: Meisterqualifikation

Master craftsperson training is the name of German advanced vocational education and training.

Master craftspersons undertake advanced vocational training for specific tasks. They learn, for example, how to run a company. Master craftspersons exist in a range of different areas. For example:

Advanced training as a master craftsperson exists in a range of occupations. In most cases individuals require completed vocational education and training.

This advanced vocational training also exists for individuals without vocational education and training, but with professional experience. This advanced vocational training also exists for individuals with a university degree. Participation in advanced vocational training of this type depends on the regulations of the respective profession.

In the crafts and trades which require a licence only one individual with a master craftspersons qualification is permitted to run a company and train trainees.

Medical fitness

Medical fitness is important for some regulated professions for an application for recognition. For example, for professions in the areas of public health, security and in the social and education sector. The competent authority requires proof of medical fitness for these professions This applies before starting a compensation measure. However, in some cases, evidence first needs to be presented to a new employer. An individual is medically fit when they can work physically and psychologically in their profession.

In most cases proof of medical fitness can be provided by means of a doctor's certificate. This certificate states that the professional activity will not be impaired by the health of the individual. This certificate must not be more than 3 months old.

It may be the case that the competent authority only requires a personal declaration regarding the state of an individual's health.