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Single Point of Contact

The Single Point of Contact provides advice on making the application, receives the application for recognition and forwards it to the competent authority.

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What is the Single Point of Contact?

The Single Points of Contact are portals for electronic authority services in the European Union. They were established with the EU Services Directive and provide guidance in a range of administrative procedures. The purpose is to make official procedures easier which are necessary for the service in a different member state. There is a Single Point of Contact in Germany in each federal state.


What are the tasks of the Single Point of Contact?

The Single Point of Contact provides information, counselling and support for the application. They receive applications for Recognition and forward them with the necessary documents to the Competent authority. For the applicants this means that they only need to contact one office throughout the entire procedure. The service is voluntary and usually free of charge.

Originally, the Single Point of Contact was reserved for Skilled workers from the European Union and the European Economic Area. Since the Skilled Immigration Act, the Single Point of Contact also accepts applications for recognition from skilled workers from third countries for all occupations regulated at federal level by the Professional qualifications Assessment Act.