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Qualification certificate

German: Befähigungsnachweis
Also: Certificate of competence

The following is important for some independent activities and trades and businesses (German: “Gewerbe”): The individual must have specialist knowledge or the competency in specific activities. The individual must provide written evidence of their specialist knowledge or competency. Only then will the individual receive authorisation for the practice of specific activities in the profession. The document providing this authorisation is called a qualification certificate or certificate of competence.

There is specific theoretical and practical training for a qualification certificate. There is often also an examination (for example an expert knowledge examination). Following this the individual receives the qualification certificate or the certificate of competence as an official document. For some activities, the individual must also provide evidence that they are personally or medically suitable This applies for example to the following activities:

  • Security guard
  • Insurance broker
  • Driving instructor

An individual may also have acquired specialist knowledge in their profession. In this case vocational education and training is just as valid as a qualification certificate or certificate of competence. This is also the case for a foreign professional qualification. The competent authority checks whether the foreign professional qualification can be recognised for a qualification certificate or certificate of competence.

Quality Seal „Fair Recruitment in Healthcare“

German: Faire Anwerbung Pflege Deutschland

Nurses from third countries should look out for the quality seal "Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany" when searching for an employer in Germany. 

The quality seal helps to ensure good working conditions for nurses from abroad. You can be sure that the recruitment process is fair and transparent at companies with the quality seal.

Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany