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Vocational education and training

German: Berufsausbildung

Vocational education and training is training in a specific regulated profession. In vocational education and training, trainees learn all of the vocational knowledge and skills required.
There are 2 types of vocational education and training:

In each case the vocational education and training is governed by a training and examination regulation.

Dual vocational education and training takes place in a training company and in vocational school. Dual training occupations include for example:

  • Vehicle mechatronics technician
  • Management assistant for retail services
  • Carpenter

The school-based vocational education and training takes place in a full-time vocational school or an alternative type of vocational school. School-based training occupations exist in the areas of technology, health and nursery education. Such occupations include, for example:

  • Registered general nurse
  • Nursery teacher
  • State-certified IT technical engineer

Vocational education and training in Germany takes 2 to 3.5 years. This depends on the occupation but also on the school leaving certificate. The duration of training is often shorter in the case of the upper secondary school-leaving certificate.

Vocational education and training

German:  Berufsbildung

Vocational education and training includes all measures relating to vocational education and training and advanced vocational training. Vocational education and training is part of the German education and training system.

Vocational qualification

German: Berufsabschluss

An individual has a vocational qualification if they have completed vocational education and training and have successfully passed a state or state-recognised final examination. Evidence of the vocational qualification is provided by the certificate.

Vocational school

German: Vocational school

Vocational school is a type of school providing vocational education. A vocational school is where the school-based element of dual vocational education and training occurs.