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Training sessions for advisors

The BIBB Section “Recognition of foreign professional qualifications” offers online training sessions on “professional recognition”. The focus is on workshops for advisors abroad.

Training sessions for advisors

Do you live abroad and would like advice on “professional recognition”?

Our regular online training sessions answer these questions from people interested in recognition and migration.

  • What is professional recognition?
  • What is the procedure?
  • What should be noted before applying?
  • What is important for the application?
  • What are regulated professions?
  • What happens after the application?
  • What information is available?
  • Which authority is responsible?

The current training programme from the BIBB division “Recognition of foreign professional qualifications” is primarily aimed at multipliers providing advice on recognition in Germany and abroad and who provide support to skilled workers interested in recognition when making their application. Online training and in-person events are offered free of charge in Germany and abroad.

The training programme consists of the following three formats:

Basic training sessions

The basic training session “Anerkennungsberatung kurz & knapp“ (Recognition advice: compact) consists of a total of four interactive modules. In these online seminars, the process of a procedure for the recognition of a professional qualification is modelled from the perspective of applicants.

  1. General principles and counselling services
  2. The application process
  3. The competent body
  4. The Recognition notice (Equivalence notice)

Advanced training sessions

Occupation-specific advanced workshops allow participants with prior knowledge (e.g. from attending the introductory training) to consolidate their knowledge in specific areas. For example, this could involve practical insights into the recognition procedure for various reference occupations

Seminars for individual countries

Online seminars will also be offered which specifically address the potential for recognition of foreign higher education qualifications and professional qualifications from selected focus countries. Basic knowledge of the training and higher education system of the respective country is imparted.


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If you or your organisation are interested in a training course or are interested in an English-language course, please let us know!

For questions and further information, please contact:

Katrin Friske
Project coordination
Tel.: + 49 228 107-2725