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Learning German

Good knowledge of German helps you in your profession and everyday life. It is essential for certain professions. Knowledge of German is frequently a prerequisite for a visa.

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For certain professions you need to demonstrate a specific language level. The language level is generally determined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) The language level is graded at different points on a scale: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. The recognition Finder provides you with further information about the language level needed for your recognition.

The counselling centres near you and your competent authority will advise you on language courses. Make use of this advice!

Below is a selection of different German language course providers. With most providers you can also complete language certificates. However you can also learn German privately and sit an examination.

Learning German in Germany

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) provides ‘integration courses’ and ‘language courses for work purposes. The cost of attending these courses is low. In certain cases you can also apply to attend the course free of charge.

Integration courses

On the integration course you will learn German to help you in everyday life. At the end of the course you take a test for language level B1. There are also so-called initial orientation courses. Are you potentially unable to remain in Germany? Do you come from an unsafe country of origin? If so, you are able to attend an initial orientation course.

Language courses for work purposes

A certain level of German is often required in regulated professions Only then do you receive recognition. In the “language courses for work purpose” you also learn German in your practical occupational context. This makes it easier for you to learn the German language and to learn specific specialist terminology for your profession. Language courses for work purposes are available up to language level C1. You must have at least language level B1 to attend. 

Learning German abroad

You can learn German while still in your country of origin. Courses provided, for example, by the Goethe Institute and Telc are ideal for this. These institutions offer German courses at all language levels in many countries around the world.

The language certificates from the Goethe Institute and from Telc are also accepted when applying for a visa. Information about language requirements for a visa are available from the counselling centres abroad or via the hotline. The Foreign Office will provide you with information regarding current language requirements for a visa.

Learning German online

Are you unable to attend a German course close to you? Perhaps there is no German course available near you? If this is the case, you can learn German on the internet. Various providers offer online courses and learning materials on the internet for different language levels.