An offer from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

Mentor Musa, Motor vehicle mechatronics technician

The great sup­port meant I was able to make a fresh start in Ger­many.

Mentor Musa from Kosovo is a man of action. He resigned from his job and took the risk of starting afresh in Germany. Thanks to the recognition, he is now once again working as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician.

My advice
Be pa­tient, it's worth it!
Mentor Musa
Reference occupation
Motor vehicle mechatronics technician
Country of origin of qualification
Current job
Motor vehicle mechatronics technician

My story

“I received so much help. I really did not expect that!” Thanks to the support of many people involved, Mentor Musa made it out of Kosovo. In Germany he received recognition as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician. He now has a permanent job here, and he’s really happy in his new home.

In December 2015, Mentor Musa and his wife decided to take their chances in Germany. It was a brave step to take because, as a manager in his parents’ bus company, he had a secure position in Kosovo. However, the trained motor vehicle mechatronics technician was seeking a new challenge. He had already heard a great deal about Germany and has already visited the country a few times. Despite this, much was unfamiliar at the beginning: “Everything was totally new to me. More than anything, the language was really difficult. My wife translated for me at the beginning.” However, Mentor Musa is a man of action. He learned German on an intensive course and achieved level B1. His next objective is the B2 certificate.

Mentor Musa wanted to return to working in his dream job as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician. To begin with, he did a placement at the Heilbronn municipal utility company. They were impressed with his work and encouraged him to take the next step. He found out about the procedure involved for the recognition of his journeyman’s certificate. For this, he used the Recognition Finder on the “Recognition in Germany” portal. He also received information and support from the Chamber of Crafts and Trades which is responsible for the recognition procedure for motor vehicle mechatronics technicians. He then submitted the application for recognition in April 2016. But it wasn’t possible to start the procedure. This was because: “I didn't have my final certificate from Kosovo. And we had no way of getting it.” Luckily, in these cases, there is the option of a skills analysis. This meant that, in February 2017, Mentor Musa was able to demonstrate his vocational skills as part of trial work and in an oral examination. For this he had to determine the technical and electrical faults on two vehicles and respond to questions about his occupation. “The experts at the skills analysis were very kind and understanding.” He coped with the tasks without a problem. And just one month after the skills analysis he had received recognition as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician.

The 30-year old was never in any doubt that everything would work out: “So many people believed in me. I was always optimistic.” Mentor Musa achieved this goal thanks to the great cooperation between the Chamber of Crafts and Trades and the Heilbronn municipal utility company. And for him there was double the benefit. Following the recognition, the municipal utility company employed him as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician. Here he is responsible for maintaining vehicles. “I have recognition to thank for my current job. I am really grateful to my supervisor and also to my personnel manager. They supported me a lot and really wanted me to get the recognition.”

The interview with Mentor Musa took place in May 2018. The Heilbronn-Frankonia Chamber of Crafts and Trades provided him with guidance and support in the recognition procedure.

My procedure in brief

  1. Mentor Musa completes training as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician in Kosovo. He later works in his parents’ bus company.
  2. At the end of 2015, he comes to Germany with his family. He learns German on an intensive course and achieves level B1.
  3. Mentor Musa completes a placement with the Heilbronn municipal utility company. Here he impresses his future employer and finds out about recognition.
  4. In April 2016, he applies for recognition of his journeyman's certificate. Because he does not have the actual certificate, he demonstrates his vocational skills in a skills analysis.
  5. One month later, Mentor Musa receives recognition as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician. Since then, he has returned to working in this profession.