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Online training on recognition

Positive response to BIBB's online training for the recognition of professional qualifications from North Africa. Further training to follow from January 2022.

What is a regulated profession? What language skills need to be demonstrated by somebody from Algeria wanting to work as a nursery school teacher in Germany? What does an engineer from Egypt need to be aware of in order to be able to practice their profession here in Germany? These and other questions on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications were answered in the online training sessions which took place on the mornings of 29 September and 6 October. The event was hosted by the training team of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB). Around 25 employees from German-speaking institutions, including Goethe institutes and chambers of foreign trade, took part in the event. These employees provide advice to skilled workers in the North African countries. 

After a brief introduction to the topic, the interactive training started with a change of perspective – instead of advising skilled workers, participants had to start by putting themselves in the shoes of a skilled worker. The complex process of professional recognition was then slowly reconstructed and experienced from the perspective of a skilled worker. What training does the skilled worker have? Which steps need to be taken? Which offers of advice provide further support? Answers to these key questions were provided in each of a total of four training modules.

Besides providing information, participants were also asked to take an active role themselves. Cases were discussed in small groups, there was an opportunity to explore information tools such as the Recognition Finder and their own knowledge was put to the test in a short quiz. During the training, participants also had the chance to talk to other stakeholders from the region and to network with one another. Guest presentations such as the report by Sofiane Ramdani from ProRecognition Algeria on the day-to-day routine when providing advice and the presentation of country and occupational profiles by the BQ portal rounded off a great overall event on both of the mornings of training. It was a success, as the positive responses from participants show. “The training was very informative, and one of the best online training sessions I've ever attended. Great work!”, said one participant.

The training team is already looking forward to the next dates in January. Advisers in the countries of Southeast Asia are warmly invited to attend these. If you also provide advice and recognition abroad and would like to take part in a training session, then please send an email to the following address: 

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Online training on recognition

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