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Electrical trade occupations modernised

New training regulations enter into force at the start of the new training year on 1 August. Three occupations in the electrical trade have been modernised and one has been created.

The training regulation and exact title of the German reference occupation are the basis for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications. The new training regulations for dual occupations enter into force on 1 August and will mostly affect occupations in the electrical trade.

  • The occupation “Electronics technician for building system integration” is new.
  • The occupation “Electronics technician for motors and drive technology” has been divided into two occupations that will be regulated according to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) or the Crafts and Trades Regulation Code (HwO).
  • The occupation “Electronics technician” will in future focus on just two different specialisms – “automation and system technology” and “energy and building technology”. The former specialism “information and telecommunications technology” will merge into the “information electronics technician” occupation.
  • The occupation “Information electronics technician” will in future cover four areas: device, IT and systems technology, transmission, reception and broadband technology, fire and hazard alarm systems, and telecommunications technology. In exchange, the occupation “Systems electronics technician” has been repealed.

For the following dual occupations, a new training regulation will also be valid as of 1 August:

  • Brewer and maltster
  • Vehicle interior mechanic
  • Hairdresser
  • Painter and varnisher

Skilled workers can apply for the recognition of their foreign professional qualifications as soon as the training regulations for the new occupations come into force. Information on the German reference occupations can be found in the Recognition Finder from “Recognition in Germany”. The Profi-Filter on this portal also provides information on the responsibility for and details on the recognition procedure.

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