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Shorn Carter, Electronics technician – Motors and drive technology in the craft trades (m/f)

Recog­ni­tion al­lowed me to im­prove my life in Ger­many.

Shorn Carter first earned his money in Germany not as an electronics technician but as a fitness trainer. Thanks to recognition, he works today in Hamburg as an electronics technician specialising in motors and drive technology.

My advice
Don't lose heart if you don’t get a pos­i­tive re­sult straight away. Be pa­tient and be open to help!
Shorn Carter
Reference occupation
Electronics technician – Motors and drive technology in the craft trades (m/f)
Country of origin of qualification
England, United Kingdom
Current job
Electronics technician specialising in motors and drive technology

My story

“Recognition brought only benefits for me – better opportunities, higher salary and security.”

“It got to a point where I couldn't bear living so far away from my children any longer. During my time in the army, I was in Germany quite often. I always liked it here,” explains 48-year-old Shorn Carter.

Shorn Carter comes from Saint Vincent in the Caribbean. The former British colony is now part of the Commonwealth of Nations. When the British Army were recruiting in Saint Vincent, Shorn Carter applied. He went to England to join the army. There he completed electronics training in 2001. In 2008 he completed continuing vocational training in engineering.

His occupation took Shorn Carter to Germany on a number of occasions. This was where he met his future wife. The couple had two daughters. In 2013 he then moved from England to Buchholz in der Nordheide as this was where his daughters were living with their mother.

In Germany Shorn Carter first worked as a fitness trainer. For this he moved 30 km away to Hamburg. However, he always knew: “I’m an electronics technician. That's my training. I have lots of professional experience in this area. Both Germany and I can benefit from this.” In 2019, a friend told Shorn Carter that it was possible to have his training recognised. She advised him to go to the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and Trades (HWK), where he then had his initial advisory interview on recognition in July 2019.

Together, Shorn Carter and the HWK now had to decide which German reference occupation was closest to his training. It was decided that his training and professional experience corresponded most closely to the German profession of “Electronics technician specialising in motors and drive technology” under the Crafts and Trades Regulation Code (HwO). This profession is not regulated in Germany, which means recognition is not essential. However recognition provides greater professional opportunities. It also makes it possible to train as a master craftsperson later on.

The HWK put Shorn Carter in contact with the IQ Project “Brücke ins Handwerk” [Bridge into the crafts and trade sector] which provides support for skilled crafts businesses when appointing and employing immigrants. Through the project, Shorn Carter found out about the company “Prinage Service GmbH”. The company was soon impressed by his capabilities and offered him a position below the level of journeyman. Shorn Carter accepted the offer and worked there for six months. At the same time he prepared his application for recognition and submitted it to the HWK at the start of March 2020. At the end of April he received notice of partial recognition.

Shorn Carter did not have knowledge of the German rules and regulations in the area of electronics. He was able to fill this gap in his knowledge by means of company-based refresher training with his employer. He learned, for example, within eight months, how to check electrical systems for safety and how to commission drive systems. Shorn Carter submitted his follow-up application at the start of February and just two weeks later received notice of full recognition. Full recognition allows Shorn Carter to be deployed by his employer as an electrically skilled person and it also enables him to independently run and maintain electrical systems. This also means he earns more money.

Shorn Carter is pleased: “I am totally satisfied. I have a great life and an excellent job. Recognition has given me loads more opportunities on the labour market and I also earn significantly more. I would like to remain in Germany and, at some point, complete the master craftsman qualification.”

The interview with Shorn Carter took place in September 2022. He was advised and supported in the recognition procedure by the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and Trades and the Hamburg IQ Network in the Network “Integration through Qualification (IQ)”. Shorn Carter completed the company-based refresher training via the IQ project “Mission Zukunft” [Mission Future] with his employer Prinage Service GmbH. Current IQ offers for skilled workers in Hamburg's skilled trades sector at:

My procedure in brief

  1. Shorn Carter comes from the island nation of St Vincent in the Caribbean. In 2001 he goes to England and completes training with the army in the area of electronics. Continuing vocational training then follows in 2008 in the area of engineering.
  2. Shorn Carter visits Germany on numerous occasions as part of his work in the army. This is where he meets his future wife. He moves to Germany and initially works as a fitness trainer. In 2019 he discovers that he can have his training recognised.
  3. In July 2019, Shorn Carter makes use of the recognition advice service at the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and Trades (HWK). The advice service puts him in contact with the IQ Project “Brücke ins Handwerk” [Bridge into the crafts and trade sector]. Via the IQ Project, he arrives at the electrical company “Prinage Service GmbH” where he starts work in October as an assistant.
  4. Shorn Carter gains six months of professional experience. Over this period he gets together the documents he needs for his recognition. In March 2020, he submits the application for recognition to the HWK. The result is partial recognition.
  5. Shorn Carter does not have knowledge of the German rules and regulations in the area of electronics. He acquires this knowledge in company-based refresher training.
  6. Shorn Carter submits a follow-up application and receives full recognition in February 2021. Since then he has been working as an electronics technician specialising in motors and drive technology in Hamburg.
Electronics technician in workshop hall
Förderprogramm Integration durch Qualifizierung (IQ), 2021

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