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Fadi Shanan, Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

My dream has come true. I am now work­ing in Ger­many.

Fadi Shanan came to Germany in 2018. Before this, he had applied while in Egypt for the certificate assessment of his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. Today he is a project manager in the area of digital medical technology.

My advice
Use the ad­vi­so­ry ser­vices! It makes every­thing sim­pler.
Fadi Shanan
Reference occupation
Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering
Country of origin of qualification
Current job
Technical project manager

My story

Fadi Shanan is from Kuwait, and while he was studying in Egypt his dream was to live and work in Germany. In the summer of 2018, his dream became reality. After searching for a long time, he found a position as a technical project manager in Berlin. The company develops systems for operating theatres. Fadi Shanan: “My duties involve the assembly and installation of medical equipment. As project manager I plan the production. I am in contact with the customers and monitor the assembly of the equipment on site. It's an exciting job with lots of responsibility!

Fadi Shanan studied biomedical engineering at the Higher Technological Institute in Egypt and completed his bachelor’s degree in 5 years. Following this, he worked for 10 years as a manager in a major company in Kuwait and gained professional experience. The desire for a change in his career fuelled his ambition to migrate to Germany. Fadi Shanan learned German up to level B1 with a private tutor. And then he started looking for work. “I wrote lots of applications. But it was very difficult. I searched on the internet about what I could do. Via ‘Make it in Germany;’ I was put in contact with ProRecognition in Egypt.

Here he was advised to first seek certificate assessment of his bachelor's degree from abroad. “The advice was brilliant and really helpful. I then also gained access to an employment website. This helped me a lot when searching for work.” To begin with he had the necessary documents translated. In December 2015 he applied for certificate assessment to the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). Just two months later he received written confirmation that his bachelor’s degree was comparable with the German degree.

He was supported while searching for work by a career coach who also introduced him to German companies. This led to a few interviews. Two years later the effort paid off for Fadi Shanan. He was appointed by his current employer. His professional experience and the certificate assessment had a critical role to play in this. “The certificate assessment is an important part of my life. Without this document I wouldn't have my job, I wouldn't have received the visa and the Blue Card.” The Blue Card is a residence permit. It entitles third country nationals with a university degree to reside in Germany.

Fadi Shanan, now 39 years old, has now been living in Germany since 2018. Much is still unfamiliar to him. However, he is confident that he will settle in quickly. “It is still a bit difficult for me. Because everything really is totally different to where I come from. However, I am here with my family. I am making initial contacts and also enjoying the work.” Fadi Shanan has also already set himself further professional goals. He would like to complete further training in operational management. And he wants to apply to be allowed to use his job title of ‘Engineer’. Because then he could also officially refer to himself as an ‘Engineer’ in Germany.

Photo: © Portal “Recognition in Germany”/BIBB: Robert Funke

The interview with Fadi Shanan took place in October 2018. The higher education certificate was assessed through the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). Guidance and support with the procedure was provided by the ‘ProRecognition’ recognition guidance service at the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Egypt).

My procedure in brief

  1. Fadi Shanan completes his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering in Egypt. He then gains 10 years of professional experience as a manager in Kuwait.
  2. Fadi Shanan learns German because he wants to work in Germany. He starts looking for work and collects information from the internet.
  3. Following advice from ProRecognition in Egypt, Fadi Shanan applies for certificate assessment of his bachelor’s degree while in Egypt.
  4. Two months later it is confirmed: Fadi Shanan’s bachelor’s degree is comparable with the German degree.
  5. Fadi Shanan applies for work successfully. He becomes project manager at a company working in the field of digital medical technology in Berlin.