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Profi-Filter is very well structured

Barbara Schurig is Hamburg’s legal coordinator for foreign professional qualifications. She explains in the interview how she uses the Profi-Filter provided by “Anerkennung in Deutschland” for her work.

How do you use the Profi-Filter and how often?

Barbara Schurig: Sometimes I use the Profi-Filter quite often – and when I do it’s several times a day. And sometimes I go a whole month without using it at all. We are currently sorting out our Single Points of Contact – an electronic application system for all those seeking recognition from all over the world (not just from EU countries). In this case, Profi-Filter gives me a quick overview of all of the occupations in Hamburg and in the other federal states. The ultimate aim is for as many people as possible to come to us with their qualifications.

Can you perhaps give us two specific examples of where it is used?

Barbara Schurig: The day-to-day business of our competent authorities and Chambers are individual cases, our very helpful Counselling Centre for Recognition of Qualifications (Zentrale Anlaufstelle Anerkennung, ZAA) at the social service organisation “Diakonisches Werk Hamburg” provides guidance, and accelerated procedures under the Skilled Immigration Act are run in our Hamburg Welcome Center (HWC). However, I still receive individual cases and enquiries or discuss cases with our authorities. For example, I use Profi-Filter to see whether responsibility for a possible reference occupation resides in Hamburg or centrally at the IHK FOSA. Alternatively, I might want to know who in Hamburg is responsible for examining driving instructors because somebody has called me and is interested in recognition in this area.

What is the particular benefit or advantage of the Profi-Filter from your perspective? How does it differ from the Recognition Finder?

Barbara Schurig: The Profi-Filter has a great structure – that’s not to say better or worse than the Recognition Finder, but in its own right. All occupations in Germany can be found here. But, if I want to, I can also find just the non-regulated professions in Thuringia, for example, or alternatively all of the occupations which exist in Baden-Württemberg. I then don’t need to call my colleagues in the federal states. 

Do you have any advice for other users?

Barbara Schurig: Yes, use the Profi-Filter more! It provides a quick answer to the question “who is responsible for recognition?”. And it also allows you to contact the competent authority directly by providing the telephone number and the email address. 

The interview with Dr. Barbara Schurig took place in March 2021. She is a lawyer and works in the field of labour market policy for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As a legal coordinator for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications and, as such, is always on hand to listen to the concerns of people who have acquired their qualifications abroad and who wish to use these effectively and under fair conditions in Germany. One of her concerns is the ongoing implementation of the European free movement of labour concept. If you have any questions, she can be reached at:

Key information about responsibility for, and providing details on, the recognition procedure e.g. for the reference occupation “driving instructor” is provided in the Profi-Filter and the Recognition Finder in this portal.