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What is the Profi-Filter and how can I use it?

With the Profi-Filter you can quickly and easily find the competent authorities for each profession, including all contact details. To do this, select professions using the search function or with the A to Z list.
You can see more detailed information on all professions and professional fields by using the filter. There you can filter according to whether they are regulated and by regulation type.
Results are displayed in the area below. You can filter again by federal state. You can also see all your selected criteria here.

Would you like to counsel a skilled worker? Do you need information about the procedure?

Use the actions in the results list! We will ask you to provide some information and you will then get an individualised overview with the Recognition Finder.

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Or you can filter entire professional fields based on their regulations.

Would you just like to see competent authorities for certain federal states? You can apply more filters to your search here.


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