Competent authority Authority
Water supply engineering technician (m/f)
German: Fachkraft für Wasserversorgungstechnik

Fields of work

Water supply engineering technicians work at government-owned and industrial water supply companies.

Professional experience

  • Operate, monitor, inspect, maintain and repair water extraction, treatment, pumping, storage and distribution facilities
  • Lay pipelines, assemble and dismantle relevant facilities
  • Be in possession of the necessary electro-technical skills to carry out a limited scope of switching operations and repairs to electrical facilities at waterworks
  • Take samples to conduct own monitoring of drinking water, determine and evaluate quality parameters to a limited extent
  • Control and monitor technical processes
  • Check customer facilities
  • Document and evaluate work and operational processes
  • Identify operational malfunctions and react in an autonomous manner
  • Work in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner whilst remaining aware of hygiene
  • Apply relevant legal provisions, technical rules and health and safety at work provisions whilst according due consideration to quality management
  • Work in a customer oriented manner and use relevant information and communication technologies
  • Procure information, plan and coordinate work
  • Document performance and initiate quality assurance measures, measures for health and safety at work and measures for environmental protection
  • Carry out work autonomously on the basis of technical documentation and rules and in compliance with the relevant legal stipulations.