Competent authority Authority
Chemical technician (m/f)
German: Chemikant/in

Fields of work

Chemical technicians work in production companies within the chemical industry and related industries (e.g. rubber, plastics and mineral oil processing, active substance production, waste management). Their range of tasks includes: production, treatment and processing of chemical substances and preparations; servicing and monitoring of production equipment; repair and maintenance and chemical and technical works.

Professional experience

  • Carry out chemical processing technology, process control and plant engineering works, interdisciplinary cooperation along the process chain
  • Monitor, control and document chemical production flow and processing steps
  • Plan, check and document the steps necessary for the production and processing of different products
  • Work within a team to ensure processes run smoothly
  • Cooperate with other qualified staff (e.g. industrial mechanic, electronics technician for automation technology) in servicing, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance
  • Determine substance parameters and properties in a process oriented manner
  • Use computers and process control systems for machine and plant control, data retrieval and processing as well as for documentation purposes, for obtaining information and for logistical and organisational purposes
  • Act within the framework of "responsible care" by according due consideration to regulations concerning health and environmental protection, health and safety at work, plant safety and quality assurance
  • Environmentally compatible disposal and recycling of waste