Competent authority Authority
Social education worker, Social worker (m/f)
German: Sozialpädagoge/Sozialpädagogin, Sozialarbeiter/in

Fields of work

Social workers are employed in homes for young people, in children’s homes, in old people’s homes, at daycare centres and care homes for people with disabilities, at institutions for the homeless, at family and addiction advisory bodies or in care guidance institutions. They also work in visiting social services, at social services, health and youth welfare authorities, in self-help groups and in prisons. Further employment opportunities are provided by nursery schools and child daycare centres, primary and secondary schools, Universities of Cooperative Education and professional academies.

Professional experience

Social workers deal with the prevention, overcoming and resolution of social problems. They advise and support individual persons, families or certain groups of persons in difficult situations. They also draw up and support the implementation of concepts for educational work.

It might be said that “social work” is more wide-ranging than “social education”. Social work focuses on working with children, young people and families. Social work also covers areas such as migration, social reintegration and vocational reintegration. In the past it was possible in Germany to take a degree in “Social Work” or a degree in “Social education”. There is now generally one degree for both in Germany.

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.