Competent authority Authority
Dry construction builder (m/f)
German: Trockenbaumonteur/in

Fields of work

Dry construction builders work for companies such as dry construction and decorative plastering firms, for specialist acoustic installation and property finishing companies and for companies specialising in the renovation of old buildings.

Professional experience

  • Work autonomously either alone or in conjunction with others to execute works on the basis of technical documentation and work orders
  • Plan and coordinate work and coordinate work with those involved in the construction works
  • Set up construction sites and initiate measures to safeguard the work process and ensure safety, health and safety at work and environmental protection at the construction site
  • Erect and dismantle working and protective scaffolding
  • Measure constructions and elements to ensure proper fit
  • Prepare elevations and setting drawings
  • Prepare surfaces
  • Clad wall surfaces with dry plaster linings
  • Erect stud walls made of plasterboard sections
  • Fit sub-constructions for wall and ceiling constructions
  • Clad wall and ceiling surfaces
  • Fill joints on boards of various materials and create connections to other construction elements
  • Build prefabricated walls made of various materials and from different systems
  • Build and fit counter ceilings and ceiling coverings using panellings and apron flashings in different materials and from different systems
  • Assemble and fit prefabricated constructions and elements
  • Install prefabricated flooring elements
  • Build dry constructions to special technical and design specifications
  • Install materials to insulate against heat, cold, noise and fire
  • Install air-tight layers and vapour barriers
  • Seal dry construction structures against moisture
  • Determine damage in connection with maintenance and renovation work, determine the causes and carry out maintenance and renovation work
  • Use equipment and machinery
  • Check quality of the work for any errors in execution
  • Carry out quality assurance measures
  • Document work and invoice for services provided
  • Conduct official handover of vacated job site
  • Carry out related works in the construction and finishing sectors

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.