Competent authority Authority
Technician in heavy-duty fabric goods manufacturing (m/f)
German: Technische/r Konfektionär/in

Fields of work

Technicians in heavy-duty fabric goods manufacturing work in workshops or production halls at textile companies, engineering companies and companies supplying accessories. Fitting works take place at a range of venues, such as forwarding or transportation companies (lorry awnings), construction sites (tarpaulins), public institutions and locations where events are taking place (tents, air-inflated structures, textile structures) and on customer premises (marquees).

Professional experience

  • Select textile work materials, films and accessories with reference to intended purpose and economic efficiency
  • Develop documentation for design and work preparation
  • Set up, operate and monitor plant and machinery in the cutting, sewing, welding, gluing and quality control stages of production
  • Handle production data acquisition and evaluation systems and electronically controlled equipment in machinery and plants
  • Join material sheets by means of sewing, welding or bonding
  • Carry out specialist tasks (rope and wire fastening systems) and application of accessories (fastenings, eyelets, bands)
  • Fit and repair technical goods made of heavy-duty fabrics and accessories
  • Assess quality and initiate quality assurance measures
  • Carry out work autonomously on the basis of technical documentation
  • Accord due consideration to the basic principles of health and safety at work, health and environmental protection

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.