Competent authority Authority
Media agent for digital and print media (m/f)
German: Medienkaufmann/-kauffrau Digital und Print

Fields of work

Media agents for digital and print media work for publishing and media companies which publish printed and digital media and offer other services.

Professional experience

  • Observe the various media markets and relevant societal developments
  • Assist with product and programme planning
  • Apply press regulations and copyright law and accord due consideration to the general prevailing conditions within the branch
  • Assist with the development and implementation of marketing concepts
  • Advise customers on media products and services
  • Sell digital and print products and offer media services
  • Assist with the design and manufacture of media products
  • Process sales and marketing tasks
  • Calculate production and sales costs, carry out calculations and use company controlling instruments
  • Assist with the purchase and sale of rights and licences
  • Procure work materials, production materials and services