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Wicker worker (m/f)
German: Flechtwerkgestalter/in

Fields of work

Wicker workers are mainly employed in workshops at small companies.

Professional experience

  • Produce wicker goods, wicker furniture and other wicker items;
  • design and create wicker items and present designs;
  • handle and maintain tools, equipment, machines and templates;
  • work and process materials and ancillary materials,
  • check and monitor the quality of materials and raw materials;
  • treat surfaces;
  • present wicker goods;
  • store and dispatch products;
  • maintain and repair wicker products;
  • carry out quality assurance measures;
  • plan and prepare work processes;
  • set up workplaces;
  • adopt a customer and business oriented approach to the execution of works on the basis of work orders working both alone and as part of a team;
  • coordinate work with other trades;
  • plan and document work;
  • stipulate stages of work;
  • select the necessary equipment, materials and auxiliary materials;
  • record materials and time used;
  • invoice for services provided;
  • initiate safety, health and safety at work and environmental protection measures at the workplace;
  • use information and communication technologies.

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.