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Your profession: Painter and varnisher  (master craftsperson) (m/f)

Professional activities

Painters and varnishers (master craftspersons) plan, manage and monitor work processes. They are employed at painting and varnishing companies in the craft trades sector, where they also involve themselves in the practical side of the work and ensure careful execution of works. They advise customers, perform administrative tasks, manage staff and train apprentices.

Fields of work

Possible places or areas of employment for painters and varnishers (master craftspersons) include the following,

  • Painting companies, e. g. in the finishing trades
  • Varnishing workshops in the vehicles sector
  • Works varnishing shops, e. g. in mechanical engineering and tool making
The professional profiles are based on information from berufenet at the Federal Employment Agency and BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training).