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Your profession: Textile designer (craft trades) (m/f)

Professional activities

Textile designers (craft trades) produce textiles from different materials depending on their specialism

They produce, for example,

  • felts and felt products from different types of wool, chemical fibres or even plant fibres
  • lace and lace products
  • decorative trimmings and accessories for clothing, and for soft furnishings and household textiles
  • embroidered clothing, linen, soft furnishings or liturgical vestments
  • knitted fabrics or knitted clothing and clothing elements
  • one-off items or small batches of fabrics for clothing, soft furnishings. carpeting, wall hangings or for ecclesiastical requirements

Fields of work

Textile designers (craft trades) work, depending on the specialism, for example,

  • in textile design companies in the craft trade sector
  • in textile and clothing companies
  • in felt making workshops and with felt producers
  • in companies manufacturing bobbin lace
  • in companies producing handmade trimmings
  • in weaving mills and embroidery Workshops
The professional profiles are based on information from berufenet at the Federal Employment Agency and BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training).