Informations on how and where to obtain recognition of your foreign professional qualification.


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    Portal in multiple languages

    Important information is now also available in Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish

    Recognition in Germany has been expanded: Important information on professional recognition is now available in several more languages. In addition to the familiar German and English versions of the portal, information pages have now been provided in Italian, Polish, RomanianSpanish and Turkish as well. This means that our information is available in a total of seven languages.

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    Multilingual flyer

    Flyers are currently available in eleven languages

    The flyers provide an initial response to the questions: How does the procedure work? What documentation is required? How do vocational qualifications differ?

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    New videos explain professional recognition

    A video says more than a thousand words. A new explanatory video in our Information Library provides a short and succinct introduction to the topic of the recognition of foreign qualifications. The two-and-a-half minute film provides you with a summary of the intention and purpose of the statutory regulations and information on the first stages of the recognition procedure.
    In a further new video, Doctor Michelle-Ange Monteu, who trained in Mail, relates how official recognition has now enabled her to get her career on track in Germany. Please tell others about the videos and share them!

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Start International campaign of Recognition of Germany

On July 30 the BIBB will start an international campaign to promote the portal abroad. This will serve to expand and improve the amount of information about professional recognition provided for skilled workers interested in migrating to Germany. The focus countries of the campaign are Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey. › Read more

Two years Federal Recognition Act

Expand success in recognition

Two years after the Recognition Act came into force, experts met in Berlin to discuss successes and challenges. The initial results from the BIBB recognition monitoring project formed an important foundation for the debate. › Read more

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About us

Our portal provides information on the procedure for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications. If you would like to have a professional qualification recognized in Germany, you can use this portal to find your competent authority.

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Residence and labour market

You should clarify whether you are entitled to migrate to Germany and work here before you initiate a recognition procedure. You find also information on who can assist you in finding a job and learning German.

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