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Dentist (m/f)

If you hold a foreign professional qualification as a dentist and wish to work in that profession in Germany, you need official, state-issued accreditation, the so-called "approbation". This approbation is an unrestricted occupational license. The approbation is mandatory should you wish to practice as a dentist or intend to open up your own practice. Detailed information about the issuance of an approbation and the recognition of your foreign professional qualification is available under the item "Dentist (m/f)".

If you have attained additional dental job specialisation and a qualification as dental specialist, you can apply for recognition of this specialised professional title in Germany. Choose your specialisation under the item “Dental specialist (m/f)” and read detailed information regarding this recognition process.

Please note: You need approbation as a dentist before applying for the recognition of your specialised title.

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