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Netiquette Social Networks


Netiquette and rules for leaving comments in the social networks 


We welcome all contributions as well as exchanges of opinion and your suggestions. To ensure that everyone in our community feels comfortable, we ask you to observe the following rules when creating contributions 

  • We want our dealings with one another to be open, polite, respectful and characterised by mutual consideration  
  • Each individual is responsible for their own content and should be aware of this fact 
  • All comments are welcome as long as they do not offend or abuse any user or other person, group of persons or organisation, nor involve aggressive forms of address 
  • Contributions or images that are discriminatory in relation to gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture or origin will not be tolerated 
  • No infringements of copyright or violations of personal rights are permitted on our site. Do not post, for example, any photos of persons who have not expressly consented to publication, or without permission of the photographer if you did not take the photo yourself. The publication of screenshots of other profiles is not permitted 
  • Chain letters, junk mail, spam, as well as any content (including via links) of a commercial nature or with a commercial background are also prohibited. Criminal, extremist, anti-constitutional, pornographic, libellous or other illegal content is also not allowed
  • In as far as possible, summarise your thoughts on any particular topic in a single comment (comments can also be edited at a later date) rather than posting several comments under one another. This makes it easier to maintain an overview and also gives others the chance to better participate in the discussion 
  • In order to ensure that published content on the site can be checked, we ask you to compose comments exclusively in the German or English language. We reserve the right to remove contributions in other languages
  • We ask for understanding that we cannot, on grounds of data privacy, publicly respond to questions about individual cases  
  • Please do not post any more personal data than is absolutely necessary for your query. For your own protection you should not post any photos of, for example, your final diplomas
  • Our profiles in the social networks are intended solely for the purpose of information and communication. It does not represent any legal advice and cannot substitute for any legal advice. We reserve the right to delete without comment any contributions that violate this netiquette and/or to exclude the creator of such contributions from future discussions as well as to report the violation. Furthermore, we refer to the community standards of the social network providers and the terms of use.

On the basis of the above we look forward to an interesting exchange! 

The Social Media Editorial Team from “Recognition in Germany”