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Data on counselling

The Network “Integration through Qualification (IQ)” counselling figures

The Network IQ counselling centres provide information about Recognition and refer those interested in recognition to the relevant Competent authority. The 16 IQ regional networks have been connecting labour market stakeholders nationwide since 2012. They implement integration provision and measuring for supporting the integration of migrants at a local level.

DATA on IQ counselling since 2019 in brief (01.01.2019 to 30.06.2022)

  • 165,314 persons counselled
  • 356,291 counselling sessions
  • 59.1 percent, women
  • 91.7 percent, persons aged between 25 and 44
  • Qualifications from 184 countries
  • 571 Reference occupations
  • Most popular occupations: teachers 10.3 percent, engineers 9.3 percent
  • Most popular regulated occupations: medical practitioner, general nurse, nursery school teacher, dentist
  • Most popular non-regulated Training occupations: office manager, electronics technician, hairdresser, information technology specialist
  • 38,941 refugees
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Förderprogramm „Integration durch Qualifizierung (IQ)“, 2022

National summary of IQ recognition counselling 1/2022

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Data about the hotline “Working and Living in Germany”

The hotline “Working and Living in Germany” is provided by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Foreigners interested in working in Germany are able to seek advice from the hotline. Advice covers the areas of seeking work in Germany, questions about legal residency, German courses and the recognition of foreign professional or vocational qualifications.

Data in brief about recognition guidance from the “Working and Living in Germany” hotline (02.04.2012 to 31.12.2018)

  • 87,697 persons counselled
  • 52.3 percent, women
  • 75.0 percent aged between 25 and 44
  • Qualifications from those seeking advice from 183 countries
  • 540 reference occupations
  • Most popular occupations: engineers 10 percent, general nurses 7.9 percent
  • Most popular regulated occupations: teacher, medical practitioner, nursery school teacher, dentist and lawyer
  • Most popular non-regulated training occupations: electronics technician, motor vehicle mechatronics technician, hairdresser, chef
  • High level of interest in teaching occupations and other educational occupations, medical and health occupations and in engineering qualifications and economics qualifications
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The Network “Integration through Qualification (IQ)”, 2018

Evaluation report 4/2018 – Documentation of recognition counselling and qualification guidance.

The evaluation report provides figures on counselling from Network IQ, the hotline “Working and Living in Germany” and usage figures for the portal “Recognition in Germany”.