Competent authority Authority
Agricultural services specialist (m/f)
German: Fachkraft Agrarservice

Fields of work

Agricultural services specialist work for agricultural plant production companies, private farming contractors and agricultural technology service providers.

Professional experience

  • Carry out work on the basis of orders working autonomously or as part of a team and according due consideration to environmental protection, health and safety at work and health protection
  • Plan and document work, specify stages of work and check and evaluate work results
  • Evaluate operations and assist in company organisation
  • Use communication and information technologies both internally within the company and when dealing with customers
  • Carry out quality assurance measures
  • Use, maintain and service technical agricultural equipment
  • Operate and drive agricultural machines
  • Conduct plant production measures
  • Tend soil
  • Put out seeds and plants
  • Conduct fertilising and plant protection measures
  • Evaluate plant stocks during the vegetation process
  • Harvest, store and preserve plant products
  • Conduct landscape protection measures

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.