Competent authority Authority
German: Polsterer/in

Fields of work

Upholsters mainly work for companies in the furniture upholstering industry, sometimes also for craft trades companies specialising in the manufacture of upholstered furniture, for interior decoration firms or in the manufacturing of mattresses.

Professional experience

  • Manufacturing upholstered furniture or mattresses using a range of upholstery techniques
  • Selecting and processing textiles, leather, wood and wood derivatives, plastics, metals and auxiliary materials under consideration of intended purpose and economic efficiency
  • Developing technical documentation for the production process
  • Setting up, operating and maintaining equipment, machinery and plants
  • Cutting fabrics to size for top covers and sewing top covers
  • Preparing upholstery bases and manufacturing and inserting load-bearing and elastic parts
  • Manufacturing upholstery for back rests, seats, arm rests and cushions
  • Selecting and installing mechanical and electrical functional elements
  • Covering upholstered elements and segmenting and shaping upholstered surfaces
  • Performing decorative work and fitting semi-finished parts
  • Storing and packing upholstered furniture or mattresses
  • Developing and manufacturing prototypes
  • Communicating with staff and management
  • Assessing quality and performing quality assurance measures
  • Observing basic principles of work safety and health and environmental protection

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.