Competent authority Authority
Bank clerk (m/f)
German: Bankkaufmann/-frau

Fields of work

Bank clerks work within the main business divisions of banks. They also find employment with savings banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, investment companies, management consultancies, investment consultancies and at real estate management companies.

Professional experience

  • Advise customers on the benefits of accounts and on selecting an appropriate type of account
  • Advise customers on different modes of transacting payments, including electronic banking products
  • Process customer instructions within the scope of account management
  • Process national and international payment transactions on behalf of customers
  • Describe the structures of international banking
  • Advise on and sell investment products, insurance products and mortgage saving products
  • Process securities orders
  • Classify special financial instruments
  • Provide information on the tax implications of investments
  • Assist in the processing of estates
  • Advise customers on finnacing opportunities
  • Assist in the processing of credits
  • Assess credit risks
  • Evaluate collateral and assist in processing guarantee agreements
  • Use internal accountancy and controlling instruments
  • Evaluate the costs and revenues arising from business relationships with customers
  • Use information and communication systems
  • Use problem-solving and decision-making technologies
  • Display communication and communication skills when dealing with customers, line managers and staff

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.