Competent authority Authority
Sewage engineering technician (m/f)
German: Fachkraft für Abwassertechnik

Fields of work

Sewage engineering technicians work in the fields of drainage systems and the treatment of sewage and sewage sludge at government-owned and industrial sewage treatment plants.

Professional experience

  • Inspect, maintain and carry out routine repairs to machines, equipment, pipe systems and building structures
  • Operate plants and equipment
  • Collect and evaluate data, apply process optimisation
  • Take measurements and conduct analyses for the purposes of process and quality control
  • Be in possession of the necessary electro-technical skills to identify the dangers of dealing with electricity, assess malfunctions and carry out electrical work
  • Plan, monitor, control and document process sequences
  • Identify malfunctions within the process sequence and initiate measures to eliminate faults
  • Identify risks within the work process and carry out protective measures
  • Work in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner whilst remaining aware of hygiene
  • Monitor and document compliance with statutory requirements
  • Procure information, plan and coordinate work
  • Carry out work autonomously on the basis of technical documentation and rules and in compliance with the relevant legal stipulations
  • Document performance and initiate quality assurance measures, measures for health and safety at work and measures for environmental protection