Competent authority Authority
Sports specialist (m/f)
German: Sportfachmann/-frau

Fields of work

Sports specialists work in the sports industry, in particular in commercial, sports and training operations provided by sports clubs and associations and in sport and fitness studios.

Professional experience

  • Inform, advise and support members and customers with regard to sports offers and the health aspects of sport and nutrition
  • Develop and draft concepts for leisure and competitive sports
  • Ensure that the organisation of sport, training and competition operations runs smoothly
  • Train and advise sportspersons in a particular sport and apply the rules specific to the sport in question
  • Plan, coordinate, organise and run training and competitive events for all sports and for specific sports
  • Create training and competition conditions which comply with requirements and which are suitable for the specific situation
  • Support sports persons with regard to training and competition, monitor progress and draw conclusions
  • Arrange for sports equipment and venues and related systems to be maintained and serviced
  • Be in possession of the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to implement training and support activities which conform to licensed German Sports Studio Association fitness trainer standards and to the “C-Licence”, “Trainer C Licence” and “Trainer B Licence” issued by the German Olympic Sports Committee DOSB
  • Procure sports equipment, goods and services
  • Process business transactions in the field of accounting and conduct calculations
  • Prepare, evaluate and present statistics
  • Work in a team and customer oriented way using social and communicative competences