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Packaging materials technologist (m/f)
German: Packmitteltechnologe/-technologin

Fields of work

Packaging materials technologists work at industrial companies in the paper and plastics manufacture sector and for supplier firms, especially in the fields of flexible and rigid packaging materials, envelopes and padded envelopes, adhesive and self-adhesive labels, laminated paper goods and composite cans.

Professional experience

  • Make various kinds of packaging materials products from paper, cardboard, paperboard and plastic
  • Develop packaging materials and make prototypes
  • Plan production processes
  • Select product-specific materials and production processes
  • Operate production equipment for the manufacture of packaging materials
  • Check and optimise the printing process in accordance with quality standards and hygiene stipulations
  • Carry out measuring and testing activities as part of quality assurance
  • Operate open and closed loop control systems, measurement systems and process control systems
  • Carry out inspections, maintenance and routine repairs to production equipment
  • Import, transfer and convert data using workplace related hardware and software
  • Work in a customer oriented manner both autonomously and within a team
  • Accord due consideration to economic and ecological aspects
  • Communicate with upstream and downstream divisions and service areas for the purpose of optimisation of
    production processes

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.