Competent authority Authority
Judial clerk (m/f)
German: Justizfachangestellte/r

Fields of work

Judicial clerks work at courts, public prosecuting offices and notary offices.

Professional experience

  • Task oriented deployment of information and communication technologies
  • Provide information in the specialist areas of civil procedure, enforcement, insolvency, family and matrimonial matters, criminal procedure, land registry, probate, guardianship and care, and public records
  • Record applications, legal appeals, legal remedies and declarations
  • Perform registration duties
  • Maintain files and card indexes
  • Process incoming and outgoing mail
  • Calculate, record and monitor time limits
  • Permit inspection of files
  • Prepare and certify documents
  • Arrange for publications
  • Collect statistical data
  • Arrange for documents to be served and monitor execution of service
  • Make transcripts
  • Calculate costs
  • Monitor incoming payments

The occupational profiles are based on information from BERUFENET and BIBB.