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Pharmacist (m/f) or Specialised Pharmacist (m/f)?
German: Apotheker/in oder Fachapotheker/in?

Pharmacist (m/f)
German: Apotheker/in

If you hold a foreign professional qualification as a pharmacist (m/f) and wish to work in that profession in Germany, you need official, state-issued accreditation, the so-called "approbation". This approbation is an unrestricted occupational licence. It is mandatory should you wish to work in Germany in any kind of pharmaceutical field or intend to open up a pharmacy of your own. Detailed information about the issuance of an approbation and the recognition of your foreign professional qualification is available under the headings "Pharmacist (m/f)".

If you have attained additional pharmaceutical job specialisation and a qualification as a specialised pharmacist (m/f), you can apply for recognition of this specialised professional title in Germany. Detailed information regarding this recognition process is available under the headings "Specialised Pharmacist (m/f)" and the chosen specialisation.

Please note: You need approbation as a pharmacist (m/f) before applying for the recognition of your specialised title.

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