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Teaching, education and social services

“Teaching, education and social services” is an area which brings together professions from the field of social care and education. The main focus is on working with children, young people and families.

Which professions are involved?

This occupational sector predominantly includes teachers, nursery school teachers, social education workers and social workers.

Examples of other professions are child education worker, family health visitor, social assistant and childcare assistant.

Detailed information on particular professions and on the competent body responsible for recognition can be found by consulting the Recognition Finder or Profi-Filter.

Do I need to have my foreign qualification recognised?

The professions of teacher, nursery school teacher, social education worker and social workers are typical examples of the kinds of occupation for which you will require recognition of your professional qualification in Germany. You will only be able to work fully in these professions if you have obtained recognition. Nursery school teachers, social education workers and social workers are also only permitted to use these professional titles after recognition.

What further prerequisites are there?

State recognition is often a condition for work in the field of teaching, education and social services. State recognition is, for example, important in the professions of nursery school teacher, social education worker and social worker.

Difference between “state recognition” and “recognition of the professional qualification”

Difference between “state recognition” and “recognition of the professional qualification”

In Germany, state recognition imposes different or additional duties on a person working in his or her profession. In order to use the professional qualification acquired in your country of origin to work as a state-recognised nursery school teacher in Germany, for example, you will need to begin by acquiring recognition of the professional qualification. If you fulfil the other prerequisites for working in the profession which are stated here, you will also receive “state recognition” and will then be permitted to exercise the profession in question.

Professions in this sector are governed by federal state law. This means that each federal state has its own legal foundations in place. Prerequisites for the profession may thus vary from state to state.

Some general conditions are, however, applicable in most federal states.

  • Personal aptitude
  • Suitability in terms of health
  • Knowledge of the German language (usually level C1 for teachers and B2 or C1 for nursery school teachers and social education workers)

Coronavirus: Fewer recognition services

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some services for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany are currently not available.

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