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Dmitry Gladchenko, Electrical fitter

With­out a recog­ni­tion no­tice, I would not have been able to find em­ploy­ment in the oc­cu­pa­tion in which I trained.

Dmitry Gladchenko came to Germany in 2011. Frustrated by his casual job, he opted for the recognition procedure in May 2013. He is now working in his dream job as an electrical fitter.

My advice
Don’t al­low your­self to be dis­cour­aged. You will make it in the end if you ob­tain the right in­for­ma­tion!
Dmitry Gladchenko
Reference occupation
Electrical fitter
Country of origin of qualification
Current job
Electrical fitter for Deutsche Bahn

My story

„What recognition means for me many doors open. You enjoy more career opportunities and get a chance to have your say.“

When Dmitry Gladchenko left his home in Kazakhstan in 2011 to join his wife in Nienburg an der Weser, finding work in Germany did not prove to be as easy as he had imagined. “I had worked as a technician and electrician on the railways. I assumed that a translation of my diploma would enable me to find a job here. But I only received rejections,” Dmitry recalls.

For this reason, he began by working in a factory that produced pre-packaged salads whilst attending a language course in the mornings. Finally, he learned from some acquaintances that there was a possibility of obtaining official recognition in Germany of the vocational qualification he had acquired in Kazakhstan. “My colleagues, however, were not very encouraging. They told me that it was extremely difficult to achieve recognition. But my wife was able to help me. She speaks very good German, and we did some research together.”

Once Dmitry Gladchenko had submitted his documentation to the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he was invited to attend a personal meeting in order to identify the appropriate reference occupation. In order to achieve full recognition, he needed to complete a six-week practical placement at a company.  “After the placement, I received full recognition as an electrical fitter without having to do adaptation training.

The whole process ran completely smoothly. There was even someone to translate for me if I didn’t understand something because of the language barrier.” After a total of three months, he was already able to use his recognition notice to make job applications. Dmitry was immediately accepted by Deutsche Bahn in Freiburg. The probationary period is coming to an end, after which he will be given a permanent contract of employment. “It is somehow frustrating if you are not able to work in your chosen occupation. Remaining without recognition was therefore not an option for me. I was determined to land my dream job with Deutsche Bahn. And, what can I say? I have done it!”

The interview with Dmitry Gladchenko conducted in September 2014. If you wish to see Dmitry in action, the German Foreign Office has produced a film which shows him working on a construction site.

My procedure in brief

  1. Dmitry Gladchenko arrives in Germany from Kazakhstan in 2011. He has a diploma and professional experience as a technician and electrician for railways.
  2. He starts by taking on a casual job in a factory and learns German. His acquaintances tell him about the possibility of recognition
  3. With the help of his wife, Dmitry Gladchenko finds out about the recognition procedure. At the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Hanover, he finds his German reference occupation.
  4. For full recognition as an electrical fitter he needs to complete a six-week placement.
  5. With his recognition notice, Dmitry Gladchenko applies to the Deutsche Bahn. He is now working there in his dream job.