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Yanina Ketzelman, Dentist

The "Recog­ni­tion Find­er" was a help­ful sup­port.

Yanina Ketzelman was successful as an orthodontist in Argentina. The recognition procedure secured her licence to practice here. And so she can now permanently pursue her career in Germany as well.

My advice
Sta­mi­na, a sense of hu­mour and the sup­port of fam­i­ly and friends are a def­i­nite ad­van­tage for the recog­ni­tion process.
Yanina Ketzelman
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My story

It was love that brought Yanina Ketzelman to Berlin in April 2013. The country and people were already familiar to the 40-year-old from a stay as a visiting scholar at the University of Gießen. Perhaps that is one reason why she had already signed a contract to work in a surgery prior to her arrival and thus secured a work permit. After a few months, Ms Ketzelman then applied for her licence to practice – and encountered her first major challenge: "Since the quality of Argentine education is still not so well known in Germany, the procedure was more complicated than it would have been, for example, with a degree acquired in the United States", explains the new Berliner. Yanina Ketzelman therefore put together the necessary documents before entering the country. So in December 2013 – three months after submission of her application – her dental degree was recognised.

The recognition process was not always easy for Yanina Ketzelman, neither emotionally nor financially: "Fortunately my fiancé is a lawyer. He was a great help with legal issues and the often complicated bureaucratic language." The Argentinian's first source of information was the Recognition Finder, from which she learned the correct contact points for further proceedings. "The Recognition Finder and the extensive information on the Recognition in Germany portal was a good place to start", says Ketzelman. "And it's always good to speak personally with people". The German Dental Association was there for her when she had specific questions.

After she succeeded in getting her licence to practice dentistry, the Argentinean, who worked for many years in a private surgery and at the University in her homeland as an orthodontist, now wants to obtain recognition of her specialist dental training as well. Yanina Ketzelmann therefore looks to the future with optimism: "I am very happy with my current situation, and look forward to many more exciting projects both professionally and personally!"

The interview with Ms Ketzelman was conducted in June 2014.

My procedure in brief

  1. Yanina Ketzelman trains in Argentina as a dentist and orthodontist. For many years she works as an orthodontist in a private practice and at the university.
  2. In 2013, she arrives in Germany. Before her arrival she signs a contract of employment with a practice and receives authorisation to practice a profession.
  3. Yanina Ketzelman finds out about the recognition procedure using the recognition finder. Following this she applies for approbation as a dentist.
  4. She receives approbation as a dentist in December 2013, three months after making the application.
  5. Yanina Ketzelman now wants to achieve recognition of her specialist dental training as an orthodontist.