Specialist Recognition Agency of the IQ Network

Ariane Baderschneider

Ariane Baderschneider, Project Head of the Specialist Recognition Agency of the IQ Network.

Parallel to the Recognition Act, the Federal Government has set up advisory bodies throughout the country as part of the “Integration through Training” (IQ) funding programme. These advisory bodies provide concrete support to those seeking guidance by offering individual information and assistance and by networking local labour market stakeholders. There are 34 such occupational recognition advisory bodies in Germany. The tasks of the Specialist Recognition Agency include supporting the exchange of professional views within the regional networks and making a contribution towards quality assurance in recognition guidance. We are currently working on the development of training materials for this purpose, for example.

The regional networks are very well organised professionally. Most were already in possession of valuable specialist competences in the field of recognition and migrant guidance before the Recognition Act came into force. Our advisory services bridge the gap between the initial information provided by the portal or the hotline and the competent bodies. Most of the regional networks have reported to us that demand has increased since the law came into effect. Those seeking recognition include extremely high numbers of graduates. Many of these qualifications are in medical professions where academic qualifications are required or in other specialist healthcare occupations. Teachers, nursery teachers and engineers are, however, also coming to the IQ offices. In such cases, both the advisors and applicants are hoping that federal state laws will be quickly passed.

Three months after the Recognition Act came into force, the requirement for information remains unabated. Staff from the Specialist Recognition Agency of the “Integration through Training” (IQ) Network attend specialist events several times a month in order to provide information on the topic of “occupational recognition”. A presentation often leads to an invitation to attend subsequent events. We are delighted at the level of interest.