Professional recognition via skills analysis

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Recognition procedures if documentation is missing or incomplete

Have you acquired a qualification abroad but not been able to bring all the documents to Germany with you? A skills analysis can help you to demonstrate your professional competences in a practical way. For example via

  • a work sample
  • an interview
  • a work test at a company

A skills analysis is a practical way of demonstrating your qualification, not an examination. It offers both you and your employer an ideal way of evaluating your professional competences.

A skills analysis involves costs (for aspects such as materials, premises or workshops and practitioners). These costs may, for example, be covered by Job Centres or by the special skills analyses fund provided as part of the “NetQA” Project. Please take advice!

You can find the competent body responsible for recognition in your profession or occupation in the ”Recognition Finder”.

If you have any questions on skills analyses, you can also contact the Project Coordination Office at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training:

Daniela Wiemers: 0228/107 - 1244 or
Dinara Tursarinow: 0228/107 - 1863 or

Information in a compact form is also available in the Skills analysis flyer (German). Further information on the project NetQA can be found in the project flyer (English). Our infographic (English) gives an overview of the recognition procedure, if documentation is missing or incomplete.  

Coronavirus: Fewer recognition services

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some services for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany are currently not available.

You can learn more about recognition from us whenever you like. Take some time to read our information, available in 11 languages! Then you will be well informed for the next steps.

Via the Recognition Finder you can find out everything about the recognition procedure for your occupation, which documents you need and where you should send your application: › To the Recognition Finder

Our FAQ provide answers to the most common questions about recognition:  › To the FAQs

You can find out which services are not available or only available to a limited extent by checking our information page on the current situation: › To the information page