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This website (Recognition in Germany) is about the recognition of qualifications in Germany.

This website is

Our mission is to support people who have acquired their professional and vocational qualifications outside Germany.

People who have trained for a profession abroad should be able to work in this profession in Germany.

They can apply for recognition of their qualifications in Germany.

The following information in simple language may be useful for visitors to this website.

There is a Search box on top in the grey area.

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If you enter one or several words and click on the white arrows next to the box, a new page will open.

This page lists references to other pages which feature the word you entered.

The dark grey area at the bottom contains a table of contents which you can open by clicking on the word Sitemap:

Click on the word Sitemap:

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Or you may wish to know what other pages are available. You can open the page by clicking on the word.


Do you have any questions? Please click on the word Contact and send us a message.


You can choose larger characters for the entire website:
Press the "Ctrl" key (or "Strg" on German keyboard).


Keep it pressed and then press the "+" key.


This will enlarge all the characters on the website.
You can also repeat this procedure several times.
The characters will become larger each time.
Please proceed as follows if the characters are too large:
Press the "Ctrl" key and keep it pressed.
Now press the "–" key. 


The characters will again become smaller.

What will you find on our website?


Right at the top, you see the following headings:

  1. Recognition Finder
  2. Professional Recognition 
  3. Working in Germany
  4. Counselling 

This is called the navigation bar.


There are further headings to each of these headings:


Please move the cursor to the headings, for example to "Professional Recognition".

When you hold the cursor over a word, the new headings open up in a menu.

Wenn der Zeiger auf einem Wort steht, öffnet sich darunter die neuen Überschriften.

See here for further topics. Click on a word and you can read the page.

We hope you will find important information on our website.