Łukasz Wesołowski – Recognition as electronics technician for motors and drive technology

Łukasz Wesołowski

The Chamber of Crafts was a great support

The confirmation of my qualifications opens up new possibilities for me

Łukasz Wesołowskis Polish certification as an electromechanical technician was only partially approved at first. After completing an adaptation course, Mr Wesołowski received full recognition as an electronics technician for motors and drive technology.

Name Łukasz Wesołowski
Age 29
Reference profession Electronics technician for motors and drive technology
Country of origin of certificate Poland
Working as Electronics technician for motors and drive technology in Hamburg


Recognition means to me …

Equal opportunities – I've got official confirmation of my qualifications, which opens up new possibilities for me.

My advice

It is especially important to bring a lot of passion with you. You just have to go to the relevant office or counselling centre and make an appointment. The people there are very helpful and provide all the essential Information.

Since May 2012 Łukasz Wesołowski has lived with his wife and his two daughters in Hamburg. The family comes first for him. A good job is essential for him to be able to offer something to his children. The prospect of a better job was therefore his reason to move from Poland to Hamburg. "I worked in Poland for eight years, while studying on the side. I know what work is, and so that was what I expected of a completely normal life in Germany: to work, to earn money and to live well", says the 29-year-old.

In his homeland Łukasz Wesołowski had successfully completed the four-year course of training as an electromechanical technician and then worked for a company. But in Germany that job description has not existed for several years. "It was therefore difficult to get it recognised at first", Łukasz Wesołowski reports. "However, the trade I had learned corresponds quite well to the job description of an electronics technician for motors and drive technology."

After the partial recognition of his vocational qualifications, Mr Wesołowski therefore took an adaptation course with accompanying language and learning training in an electrical engineering company that took him on and for which he is still working. He received financial support from the Jobcenter. With a grant from the city of Hamburg intended specifically for recognition seekers, he was also able to attend other inter-company training courses free of charge. Nine months after submitting his application the family man was finally able to enjoy full recognition.

"In terms of time, it was a challenge, but otherwise everything went well and it was really worthwhile", Łukasz Wesołowski says. "Now I don't just have my Polish papers but a certificate that certifies black on white that the trade I learned is equivalent." Not only his own motivation was important but also and especially the support of the Diakonie Hamburg as his first point of contact as well as the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts. The staff there also helped Łukasz Wesołowski get a job at his current place of work. He feels very much at home in his new company: "I am really thankful to my boss for giving me a chance in his company."  

The interview with Mr Wesołowski was conducted in June 2014.