Michelle Ange Monteu - Recognition as doctor of medicine

Foto von Michele Anged Monteu
Michelle Monteu

There are great opportunities for me in Germany

I have the chance to deepen and expand my medical knowledge

Michelle Ange Monteu (33) comes from Cameroon and has been living in Germany for almost 5 years. After completing her medical studies and working as a doctor in Mali, she followed her husband to Baden-Württemberg. Although she says that love was her main motivation for coming to Germany, it was not the only reason ...

You studied in Mali. What was your reason for coming to Germany?
Love. But not only love. As everyone knows, Germany is a leading country in the field of medicine. I thought I would be able to expand and deepen my medical knowledge.
And there’s something else too. In Cameroon, the consultants are not as open as here in Germany. I can speak to consultants in Germany and do not need to be worried about asking questions. Do you know what I mean? There are great opportunities for me in Germany.
If my boss notices any deficits, he helps me to pursue continuing training. I think this is important.

How did you feel when you first came to live in Germany?
I spent the first 6 months learning the language. The language was always my biggest problem. It’s always a big problem if you don’t speak German.
After I had attended a language school, I applied for an intern position and worked at the hospital for a year in internal medicine, surgery and radiology.

What were the things that affected you during your initial time in Germany? 
The first thing was that I was not permitted to work. Because I come from a third country, I needed to start by obtaining a work permit. I didn’t earn any money for a year. This was the first disappointment I experienced in Germany. I also noticed that the various federal states have different laws.

You wanted to obtain recognition as a doctor in this country. How did you find out the information you needed? 
On the Internet. I googled the search term “medical equivalence assessment”. After that, I had contact with a number of advisory centres, all of which were very happy to assist me further.

What helped you in getting recognition for your occupation?
The VIA Institute in Nuremberg. I found out that they offered opportunities for me to improve my language skills even more. I then went to Nuremberg to attend an intensive course in “German and medicine”.

Your medical equivalence assessment was concluded in November 2012. What are you now doing professionally?
I’m working at a hospital in the Rhineland Palatinate, but am starting a new job in Baden-Württemberg next month.

Mrs. Monteu, thank you for the interview!

Michelle Ange Monteu lives in Leimen (Baden-Württemberg) with her husband and two children. The interview was conducted in March 2013.

She received particular help and active support during her route into employment from the VIA Institute in Nuremberg.