Christine Schuller – Recognition as agent in office communication

Christine Schuller

Faster than I thought!

In Germany I'm now working in my favourite job again

Just one month after submitting her application, Christine Schuller held her certificate of recognition in her hands. Now she is working in Germany in the profession she trained for in Romania.

Name Christine Schuller
Age 31
Reference profession Agent in office communication
Country of origin of certificate Romania
Working as Office clerk in Ingolstadt


Recognition means to me …

security. In Germany, I am again working at an occupation that I enjoy.

My advice

Don't give up! It's not easy, since it's necessary to contact various persons, but staying on the ball is worth it. Once you're through you'll be very happy – getting the recognition was like a real holiday to me!

Living in Germany has always been a big dream of the 31-year-old Romanian. Many of her relatives have been living here for years. She herself went to a German school in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) until the 8th grade, and German was also the language spoken in her family.

The decision to actually come to Germany, however, was rather spontaneous: "My husband and I decided to just try it. We packed our suitcases and came to Germany – without having really concrete ideas", the Romanian says. At that time Christine Schuller had already worked for seven years as an office worker in her homeland. "I really enjoyed that, and I wanted to work in my favourite job in Germany again." Her initial applications at different companies were unsuccessful. Encouraged by the counselling she received from "Tür an Tür Integrationsprojekte" in Augsburg and the positive experience of her best friend, she turned to the IHK FOSA to apply for the recognition procedure. The experienced consultants accompanied Christine Schuller right from the start and gave her important advice for her preparations. She documented her jobs, skills and experience for the application and sent the papers to the IHK FOSA. "I had all my documents like diplomas and letters of reference translated and authenticated before submitting the application. That was extremely important", the office clerk explains. In her homeland of Transylvania she had completed not only further training to qualify as an administrative assistant but also a course of studies in finance and banking.

One month after submitting the documents, Christine Schuller already held her certificate of recognition in her hands. With the reference qualification of "office communication clerk", responses to her job applications came in much faster. "I am happy that I found a good position via the temporary work agency", describes Christine Schuller her current situation. "I managed to continue to work in my profession here, and it took less time than expected."

The interview was conducted in June 2014.