Online portal “Recognition in Germany”

Claudia Moravek

Claudia Moravek, Project Head of the online portal “Recognition in Germany”

How does a Croatian doctor’s receptionist, whose occupation is now referred to as “medical assistant” in Germany, know to whom she can turn in order to obtain recognition for her foreign vocational qualification? And how can she find out whether a recognition process is either necessary or useful in the first place? This is an area where anyone who is not an expert in recognition and occupations is confronted by a complex system of areas of responsibility and regulations.

As the official information portal for the Federal Government Recognition Act, our task is to provide support to those seeking recognition in this very area. For this reason, we have designed the “Recognition Finder”, a digital guide which has been in place since 1 April 2012. The Recognition Finder provides applicants with all the important information they require and refers them onto the right body in their own particular case.

Almost 40 percent of visitors to the portal are from abroad, particularly Russia, Spain, Turkey and Poland. Most of those seeking guidance are interested in healthcare occupations where academic qualifications are required, such as doctors and chemists, or in working as a teacher or nursery teacher.

The Recognition Finder is backed by a database which is constantly growing and which currently contains more than 600 occupations and over 1,000 competent authorities. The considerable amount of work invested in the establishment of the Recognition Finder has paid off, and it is undoubtedly the tool which is in greatest demand on our website. Virtually all of the 100,000 interested parties who visited our site during its first three months and viewed almost a million pages in the process have used the Recognition Finder.