“IQ” Funding Programme

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The “Integration through Training” funding programme (IQ) helps achieve better labour market integration for people from a migrant background. One of the main focuses of the programme is to ensure the provision of information and advice on the Recognition Act.

16 regional networks commenced their work right across Germany in 2011. These networks bring together labour market stakeholders and integration provision at a local level and pursue the practical implementation of concepts and measures for the occupational integration of migrants. One of the major tasks of the regional networks is to support the execution of the Recognition Act.

  • IQ secures initial points of contact for information and advice referrals for those seeking recognition at a national level. 
  • IQ advises and trains specialist staff at regulatory institutions within the field of labour market and integration consultancy in issues relating to professional and vocational recognition. 
  • IQ networks recognition guidance services with support provision relating to regional labour markets. 

The IQ “Specialist Recognition Agency” was set up in order to offer specialist support to the regional networks. This body organises the exchange of expertise between the networks, makes academic research expertise available and offers practical guidance to the stakeholders on the ground.

The IQ Funding Programme is financed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, das Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Employment Agency.

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