Heike Klembt-Kriegel

Heike Klembt-Kriegel, Foreign Skills Approval Competence Centre of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK FOSA)

The so-called “Recognition Act” will have been in force for one year on 1 April 2013. The large amount of positive feedback received by the IHK FOSA has shown just what a major breakthrough and help the new law has been perceived to be. The new opportunity for equivalence assessment has brought applicants benefits including, for example, transfer from temporary work to a full-time permanent contract of employment. The IHK FOSA has collated some of the first experiences to emerge from the equivalence procedure in the brochure “My success story“, the aim being to put some flesh on the bones of what is otherwise a somewhat abstract process and provide a clear illustration of outcomes. In the brochure, nine applicants report on how their careers have progressed further following receipt of the assessment notice and on how the assessment notice helped them.

“Despite all this, we need to state clearly that the law has not yet fully taken off”, comments IHK FOSA Managing Director, Heike Klembt-Kriegel. Not everyone is yet familiar with the Recognition Act. The main aim needs to be on raising awareness and also interest on the company side in deploying staff in the skill areas listed in the assessment notice. “It is important to bring all forces to bear, especially at a local level, in order to continue to bang the drum for the BQFG and help achieve a broad breakthrough. I am confident that the application figures will soon rise.”