Financial assistance in accordance with SGB II and SGB III

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During recognition procedures, costs may arise which need to be borne by the applicants themselves (for example, fees for translations and certifications, costs for participation in training measures). The Employment Agencies or Job Centres will meet these costs if certain conditions are met.

Prior to submitting an application for professional recognition, applicants should seek clarification from their local Employment Agency or Job Centre as to whether costs can be paid. This is particularly dependent on whether recognition of the foreign professional or vocational qualification is necessary for integration into the labour market. 

For unemployed persons and job seekers, the costs of a recognition procedure – for example costs of translations, certified copies and fees – can be met from the so-called “Placement Budget”. Financial assistance may also be available for participation in measures which support occupational integration by imparting professional and vocational knowledge. Funding for such measures is possible for a period of up to 8 weeks. 

If certain conditions are met, the costs of continuing training courses and updating training may also be funded for unemployed persons, job seekers and persons in employment if such continuing and updating training facilitates the recognition of a foreign professional or vocational qualification and increases the applicant’s chances on the labour market.

Further information on this funding opportunity you find here (PDF, 158 KB, German). 


Updated 31.03.2013