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Those in receipt of unemployment benefit 1 or 2 often have recognition costs paid for them. But what about people who do not receive unemployment benefit? In addition to the federal government's recognition grant, you have the option in Berlin and Hamburg of applying at federal state level for financial support for recognition of your vocational qualifications or for a grant.

Berlin: Professional recognition hardship fund

The “Härtefallfonds Berufsanerkennung Berlin” has been in existence since 1 July 2016. An application can be made for payment of the following costs:

  • Fees for the recognition procedure
  • Costs of translations required
  • Interpreter costs
  • Costs of compensation measures or training measures for achieving equivalence (course fees, travel costs other than local public transport, costs of essential learning materials, essential work clothing, childcare costs)
  • Costs of language courses (above B1) required as part of the recognition procedure.

Guidance and applications:

Senatsverwaltung für Integration, Arbeit und Soziales
Beauftragter des Senats von Berlin für Integration und Migration
Potsdamer Straße 65
10785 Berlin
Telefon: +49 30 901723 37
Fax: +49 30 901723 20

More information:

Professional recognition hardship fund for Berlin (German)

Hamburg: Grant programme to support the recognition of foreign vocational qualifications

For a long time, there has been a grant programme available in Hamburg for supporting the recognition of foreign professional qualifications. The grant programme provides grants to cover costs of living and also allocates subsidies to help with costs in connection with recognition.

More information:

Hamburg Grant Programme (German)

Coronavirus: Fewer recognition services

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some services for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany are currently not available.

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