Skilled workers use Recognition Hotline

Pressrelease BAMF

The new national hotline for the recognition of foreign professioanl and vocational qualifications in Germany has proved hugely popular. Since April last year, more than 7,000 people from 140 countries have used the advisory service provided by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

“Our Recognition Hotline is a unique information service which is in high demand” says BAMF President Dr. Manfred Schmidt. The number of callers is not the sole evidence of the hotline’s popularity: “We also receive extremely positive feedback from those seeking advice”.

Large numbers of callers from the healthcare sector

Around 65 percent of all callers have obtained their professional or vocational qualification in a country outside the European Union. The fact that an application for recognition can be submitted from another country means that an increasing proportion of calls is coming from abroad.

Those seeking advice from the BAMF hotline include particularly large numbers of doctors and nurses who wish to work in their profession in Germany.

Guidance along the pathway to professional recognition

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees provides callers with initial guidance on legal prerequisites, on areas of responsibility and on the actual procedure for the evaluation of professional and vocational qualifications.

The advisory service is offered in German and English. We also respond to enquiries by e-mail.

“Moving towards a welcoming culture”

“Our aim is for as many skilled workers as possible to opt to work in Germany in future”, emphasises Schmidt. “Our advisory service provides them with important assistance and makes a contribution towards establishing a welcoming culture and a culture of recognition in our country.”