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Berlin State Recognition Act in force

The Recognition Act for occupations regulated under federal state law has entered into force in Berlin.

Article 1 of the “Berlin Law on the Recognition of Foreign Professional and Vocational Qualifications”, “Berlin Law on the assessment of the equivalence of foreign professional and vocational qualifications” (Berlin Professional and Vocational Qualifications Assessment Law − BQFG Bln), supplements the Vocational Qualifications Assessment Law of the Federal Government (BQFG) and thereby expands the opportunity for recognition in the field of school-based training governed by federal state law (e.g. assistant qualifications) and in continuing training (e.g. technician qualifications).

The further articles contained within the Berlin Recognition Act encompass amendments to occupational laws in areas such as the recognition procedures for social occupations, engineers and continuing training in healthcare occupations for which academic qualifications are required. The law also provides for a right to assessment of equivalence regardless of nationality and for advisory services free of charge.

Further information on this law will follow shortly.